15 ways that writing a book will build your business

15 ways that writing a book will build your business

Writing a book is daunting. It takes time, energy, and effort. I mean, let’s face it, we are all barely hanging on most of the time. We have crazy schedules, and we are constantly fighting personal battles with the fear of looking stupid, no one reading our book, not being a good writer, failure, success, or [insert your own...I know you have one]. As human beings, we are really good at being afraid of things (probably because a part of us wants a reason NOT to move forward).

But I think you are more than your fears. You are courageous. You can move forward in spite of fear. You’ve done it before, so you can do it again now. However, in order to push through difficulty, you probably need a compelling reason why you should write a book in the first place. A compelling reason will help you better fight your battles.

So the real question is: Is writing a book worth it?

Oh, I’m so glad you asked. I happen to have 15 ways that writing will improve your business. My my, it’s your lucky day.

Use this list to evaluate if writing a book could really help you grow your business. Who knows, you may surprise yourself.

Writing a book will:

1. Clarify your vision.  

I’m guessing that personal experiences in your life gave you a message to share with the world, and this message is part of your business (if not, it should be). Maybe a difficult family situation empowered you to help mend families. Or maybe a battle with an eating disorder made you want to help others learn to love their body. Whatever your message, it’s important to make sure it reaches your audience in the best way possible. Writing a book will help you both discover your message and deliver it to your audience.

2. Help your organize your message to the world.

Writing a book will also enhance your message to the world. Let’s say your message is “learn to love your body.” Sharing the difficulties that gifted you this message would help others feel less alone. Providing valuable tools and resources throughout your book would help others fight their own battle. A book will help you organize your ideas to support your message and better reach your audience.

3. Teach you to explain your ideas in a way that people can understand and apply.

Serving people usually requires communication. Your audience will connect with you better if you use analogies, visuals, and other tools to explain principles and promote understanding. The act of writing will help you come up with new ways of explaining complex ideas. Even if no one reads your book, your client experience will improve because you will explain concepts better.

4. Create social proof through testimonials and case studies.

Many people rely on reviews when making decisions. Your book can act as a sort of review as you include testimonials and case studies. This social proof will help people see your service as valuable and make it more likely that they will hire you to help them.

5. Spark online reviews.

You may also receive reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, personal blogs, and other places that can spread the word about your services. A good review will encourage more people to read your book and potentially bring you new clients.   

6. Increase your credibility and establish you as an authority.

A book is one giant chunk of evidence that you are an authority because it demonstrates what you know. The fact you can fill a book with ideas tied to your service will help your audience see you as an expert in your field.

7. Increase press opportunities.

When you write a book, there is a greater potential for people to write articles about you. Maybe someone will want to interview you about your new book. Or maybe your words will help someone and they will share it with the world through other media.

8. Provide supplemental income.

Many service providers will offer workshops for their local communities. Selling your book at a workshop or other event could provide you with supplemental income. All you have to do is slap some copies on a table and let your workshop intrigue them enough to buy.

9. Increase your opportunities to be a keynote speaker.

People will be more likely to hire you to speak if you have a book under your belt. Plus you will be a better speaker because you will know how to explain things and you will have collected real life examples to share with your audience.

10. Build your platform.

Social media is a big deal now-a-days for businesses. A strong social media presence can create connections and spread your message. Writing a book will give you something to promote and share with potential clients which will help build your platform.

11. Set you apart from the competition.

Businesses are offering a lot of free content these days to get clients to visit their site. However, many of these businesses have not yet written a book. Your book will set you apart from the competition, allowing you to offer something that others don’t provide.

12. Give you free advertising.

Let’s say someone buys your book. Maybe they’ll carry this book with them to work or on the subway. It could spark the interest of a fellow traveler. Anyone who visits the book buyer’s home will see your book on the shelf. And if they end up loving your book, you can count on word-of-mouth advertising.

13. Act as a resource.

Service providers may notice similar problems or patterns across a wide variety of clients. The next time a person expresses a similar concern, the service provider can offer their book instead of a free piece of advice. This will help the customer and the business owner at the same time.

14. Allow you to pivot.

Sometimes you may want to take your business somewhere different or offer a new service. A book can be a safe way to test the waters. If people buy your book, people will buy your service.

15. Expand your reach.

Many business owners want to find more clients. Maybe you have lots of local clients but you want more international clients. A book can be a great way to spread the word online and access potential clients beyond your local reach.

All in all, I hope this has helped you see that although it may be daunting, writing a book will help you build your business.

I invite you to use these 15 reasons why you should write a book to help you leap over your barriers. You can write a book! Because you’ve been sharing your message with clients (possibly for years), you already have the content. Just take what you have in that beautiful brain of yours, and put it in a book. Beyond all the aforementioned benefits, you’ll also be able to prance around town as an author. Ain’t nothing better than that.

Feel free to share in the comments below what motivates/motivated you to write a book despite your fears.

Keep freeing the writer!


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