5 powerhouse statements that will kick your inner writer critic's butt

5 powerhouse statements that will kick your inner writer critic's butt

My inner writer critic likes to say horrible things to me as I write. When I finally make an ounce of progress or start to feel halfway confident, my critic decides to come out and play:

“Oh really, you made a goal to write 1,000 words a day. I’ll believe it when I see it.”  

“You think you can write? You make me laugh [insert maniacal laugh here].”

I have a feeling that I’m not the only one whose critic has a party as soon as she starts to write.

When our inner writing critics rear their ugly heads, we need to stand up for ourselves.

Before a confrontation with someone who has wronged you, it is smart to write out your thoughts or prepare what you want to say beforehand. Your bullet list of statements will give you confidence, guidance, and clarity as you confront a difficult emotional situation.

Confronting your inner writer critic works the same way.

You need powerhouse statements to counteract the negativity the critic throws your way.

Below you’ll find the powerhouse statements I use to kick my inner writer critic in the butt. I’ll write them as conversations because it best represents my typical battles. I hope that these examples will empower you to stand up for yourself and to find your own powerhouse statements.

When I sit down to write, the following conversations represent what often happens in my head.

Critic: “You really want to write something tonight? Who are you kidding? Your writing sucks.”

Me: “Maybe I should call it a night. I’m not going to write anything good anyway.”

Critic: “Good idea. Based on your life so far, you haven’t earned the right to try.”

Me: “Wait a second, I am a writer. And how do I earn being a writer? Writing! So take a walk inner critic. I’m writing tonight, and I don’t care what comes out.”

Powerhouse statement: I am a writer and writers write.

Me: “Ugh, for the last 10 minutes, I haven’t come up with anything good.”

Critic: “Your ideas are so stupid. Besides, everything has already been done. Just give up. You did your 10 minutes.”

Me: “Hold up! I am allowed to come up with bad ideas, and my bad ideas will eventually lead me to good ones. It is okay to explore, so go fry an egg inner critic!”

Powerhouse statement: I give myself the permission to play.

Critic: “To be a good writer, your drafts actually have to be good.”

Me: “You’re right. This draft is embarrassing. Maybe I should throw it away.

Critic: “Just toss it. You’ll never be as good as a REAL writer.”

Me: “Wait a second, real writers had to start somewhere. The draft I’m writing will be my start.”

Powerhouse statement: I am allowed to be imperfect.

Critic: “So what, you have a draft. No one will care about what you have to say.”

Me: “At least my family and friends will.”

Critic: “That’s just because they love you. They would love it, even if it was garbage.”

Me: “Well, even if no one really cares, no one else in the world has the same perspective, experiences, and background as I do. I still think my story is important to write. So take a hike inner critic!”

Powerhouse statement: My voice matters.

Critic: “I think your work is stupid, and everyone else will think the same.”

Me: “Yeah, I do wonder what people will think. What if they hate it?”

Critic: “They will. Remember when you were considering throwing your draft away? Just do it. That way no one can see it, so no one will have an opinion about it.”

Me: “I am a bit scared of what people will think of my story. But today, I am not writing for them. I am writing for me.”

Powerhouse statement: I write for ME.

The fight is real. I often have to repeat my powerhouse statements multiple times to keep myself writing every day. Sometimes I give in. Other times I triumph. But I think what is most important in the battle is that you keep fighting. You will have bad writing days, but you’ll receive a fresh start in the morning.

Don’t give your inner critic free reign in your mind. You are in control.

I hope these powerhouse statements will help you take control so that you can write today.

What are your powerhouse statements? Comment below about your own experiences with the inner writer critic.

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Now go find your powerhouse statements and free the writer!


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