A writer like you: K. M. Frost

Meet K. M. Frost, an author of young adult fiction with a passion for good music and chocolate. Her idea of a perfect day would be sitting down with her laptop and newest project for hours on end—preferably in Europe somewhere—with a generous serving of chocolate on hand. Some of her favorite books are Percy Jackson, The False Prince, and Harry Potter. She is the author of the dystopian YA series The Reality Dreamers Trilogy, and is currently working on a YA fantasy novel. In this interview, we chat about people-watching to improve your dialogue, transitioning from pantsing to plotting, favorite outlining techniques, how to fuel projects with your excitement, the multiple-project approach, and using readers as resources.

A writer like you: Rebecca McKinnon

Meet Rebecca McKinnon, author of time travel romance Beyond the Swearing Stone. When she isn’t writing, reading, or playing with her kids, Rebecca putters in the garden, makes giant messes in the kitchen, knits long strings of yarn into things she can actually wear, and tries to twist herself into interesting shapes by practicing yoga. In this interview, we chat about crafting personalized details using a character’s life experiences, writing with the end in mind, defining key plot points, and slipping in writing time with a busy schedule.

A writer like you: India Hill Brown

Meet India Hill Brown, debut author of middle grade ghost story THE FORGOTTEN GIRL. In this interview, we talk about reading as an empathy-builder, her family history’s influence on her passion for books, and her debut novel, of course! She also shares writing tips like using a timer to overcome writer’s block. practicing gratitude to stay motivated, and being persistent when trying to land an agent.

A writer like you: Vanessa Rasanen

Meet Vanessa Rasanen, army wife, mom of four, data analyst, and author. She lives on little sleep and too much coffee. Her debut novel, Soldier On, released in October 2018 with the sequel, Let Them Fall, in the works. She is also in the early stages of working on a young adult pirate fantasy series. When she isn't writing or dreaming of writing, she loves to travel, visit breweries, take pictures, and cook. In this interview, we talk about reading to free the stuck writer, letting yourself try (and fail), personalizing your writing methods and goals, making your characters come alive, crafting natural dialogue by borrowing how people speak, and building your platform to sell more books.

A writer like you: Lindsey Richardson

Meet Lindsey Richardson, an author, blogger, and proud cat mama. One of her favorite hobbies is playing video games. She is currently working on the third book in her mystery/fantasy series titled Clara and Daphne. In my interview with Lindsey, we talk about how to engage with the indie author scene, write attention-grabbing beginnings, and set effective writing goals.

A writer like you: Amy Voltaire

Meet Amy Voltaire, an accountant by trade and an author and blogger during her free time. Her debut novel My Name is Erin and My Mom’s an Addict was officially released on April 27, 2019. Her favorite author is Stephen King and her favorite book is On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft by Stephen King. You’ll love reading about the WHY behind her book, her just-get-the-first-draft-written philosophy, and the sacrifices she made to complete her book while working a full-time job.

A writer like you: Marie Howalt

Meet Marie Howalt, short story writer and author of We Lost the Sky. Marie has also published several novels online and a number of short stories in venues such as Every Day Fiction and Boned. You’ll love Marie’s advice on how to write strong characters, craft natural dialogue, and stay motivated.

A writer like you: Jacqueline Masumian

Meet Jacqueline Masumian, an actress, performing arts manager, landscape designer, and now author. Her memoir, Nobody Home, published in 2013, is about growing up in the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio, with a troubled and difficult mother. Jacque can often be found working in her Connecticut garden, usually pulling weeds. You’ll love Jacqueline’s thoughts on personalizing your definition of writer success, listening to improve your dialogue skills, and establishing an effective writing routine.

A writer like you: Eddie Cantrell

Meet Eddie Cantrell, a short story and novel writer who enjoys the ancient sword fighting martial art of Kendo with a self-proclaimed unhealthy Samurai obsession. In fact, his current urban fantasy work in progress will probably have a few samurai-like critters running around. You’ll love Eddie’s perspective on why we need stories, how to stay motivated, and our relationship with the Muse.

A writer like you: Amanda Luzzader

Amanda Luzzader has earned millions of dollars from her writing. Most of that has come from her work as a grant writer for a nonprofit family support center. When she’s not writing, her hobbies include reading books, rewashing the same load of laundry, reading books, buying rock hard avocados to discard when they become mushy, reading books, photography, and reading books. Amanda is currently working on the final book in her dystopia series Among These Bones. You’ll love Amanda’s relatable writer beginnings, her belief in our important role in society, and her tips to overcome writers block from her experience as a grant writer.

A writer like you: Lisa Barr

Meet Lisa Barr, an author, journalist and blogger based in Chicago. She is the award-winning author of the sexy beach read, The Unbreakables (Harper) and the historical thriller Fugitive Colors. The first half of her career was spent as a journalist. She covered everything from “terrorism to sex & relationships” … having served as an editor for The Jerusalem Post, managing editor of Today's Chicago Woman, managing editor of Moment magazine, and an editor/reporter for the Chicago Sun-Times. She is also the creator and editor of the popular parenting blog GIRLilla Warfare, and has been featured on Good Morning America and TODAY to discuss this generation’s biggest bullies: Mean Moms. You’ll enjoy learning her secret to consistently writing while raising three daughters, her community-building strategies, and her grounding definition of writer success.

A writer like you: B.T. Lowry

Meet Bevis Lowry, a short story writer and novelist who, after studying art, spent ten years as a bhakti-yoga monk in South India. You’ll love reading about how Lowry’s spirituality influences his work, his perspective on how writers can change the world, and his use of writing to understand all that is outside of himself.

A writer like you: Ashley I. Hansen

Meet Ashley I. Hansen, an author, book nerd, and chocolate lover. She is the author of the YA novel Thaw. She is currently working on a middle-grade novel that involves magic, tricky fairies, and gnomes with names that don’t fit their personalities. One of her favorite books is The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett. When she isn’t writing you can usually find her exploring the mountains, curled up with a good book, or eating chocolate. You’ll love her view of writing as a battle over procrastination, her business-smart friendship with the librarians, and her 15-minutes-a-day writing trick.

A writer like you: Leslie Burton-Lopez

Countess Sparkle VonUnikkorn the 1st is a writer of things sometimes. Just kidding, her name is Leslie Burton-Lopez. She likes to pretend. She is published in When to Now: A Time Travel Anthology, an extremely entertaining and devastatingly cool short story anthology with a time travel theme (available on Amazon!) You’ll love her passion for flipping houses, make-believe holidays, looped stories, and critique groups. Let’s dive into the interview, shall we?

A writer like you: Andrea Nourse

Meet Andrea Nourse, an author, blogger, working mom and wife. She is currently working on a contemporary, women’s fiction novel about a woman who learns her entire life has been a lie. Andrea is an avid reader and is a fan of historical fiction, women’s fiction, thrillers and paranormal/supernatural novels. Her favorite authors include Jennifer Weiner, Katherine Center and Rea Frey. By day, she works in retail marketing for a regional chain. You’ll love Andrea’s inside look into how ideas become stories, how to overcome comparison and self-doubt, and how to stay motivated.

A writer like you: Louisa Dwyer

Meet Louisa Dwyer, a fantasy author, business owner, and fanatical reader. When she is not working on the final edit of the second novel in her Firebird Trilogy series, she is helping to run both online and offline book groups and working her way through her ever-expanding 'To-be-read' list. Her first novel, The Firebird's Trail, was published in May 2018 and she describes being able to hold her own book in her hands as one of the proudest moments of her life. If you’ve had a hard time getting back into writing, Louisa’s story (not to mention her writing mantra) will inspire you to start now. You’ll also love reading about how she gets ideas and her experiences with self-publishing.

A writer like you: P.C. Keeler

Meet P. C. Keeler, an author and programmer (at least until an opening comes up for ‘intergalactic hero’ or ‘ridiculously wealthy layabout’). He’s currently working on two novels, several short stories, and that day job. When not working on those, he enjoys reading science fiction, fantasy, and humor, and accordingly finds Terry Pratchett a particular favorite. His debut novel, Migon, was published in 2018, and is about a boy who becomes a dragon. But not one of the city-stomping firebreathing variety. As a shoulder-sized dragon, he has to find a wizard, become his familiar, and guide that wizard to save his family, his city, and his world. It’s a big job for a little dragon. You’ll enjoy learning about Peter’s perspective of writing as a business, his writing process, and his story ideas that celebrate humanity.

A writer like you: Alison McBain

Meet Alison McBain, an award winning author with nearly one hundred short works published. She has one novel under her belt as an author (The Rose Queen), one anthology under her belt as lead editor (When to Now: A Time Travel Anthology), and a recent nomination for the Pushcart Prize for poetry. You’ll enjoy reading about the journey to find the “good words,” the struggle of being your own boss, and the compromise you might have to make with your inner writer critic.

A writer like you: Elizabeth Chatsworth

Meet Elizabeth Chatsworth, a British author and actor based in Connecticut. She writes of rogues, rebels, and renegades across time and space. From Victorian sensibilities to interstellar travel, her fiction takes you on an adventure like no other! Elizabeth is the author of THE BRASS QUEEN, an award-winning sci-fi comedy set in an alternate Victorian age. Her LGBT time travel romance “Ten Minutes After Teatime” is a finalist for the New England Readers’ Choice Award. Currently, Elizabeth is working on a sequel to THE BRASS QUEEN, a comic space opera, and a contemporary romcom. You’ll love Elizabeth’s advice on where to start as a beginner writer, how to land a literary agent, and how to build a successful author platform.

A writer like you: Barbara Russell

Meet Barbara Russell, an entomologist and soil biologist. (Basically she digs in the dirt, looking for bugs.) Nature and books have always been her passion. She fell in love with fantasy novels as a kid when she read The Lord of the Rings. She also enjoys cosy mysteries and crime novels like Hercules Poirot and Sherlock Holmes. “Then I grew up,” she says. “And…Nah, I’m joking. I didn’t grow up. Don’t grow up, folks! It’s a trap.” You’ll enjoy Barbara’s sense of humor, her writing process, and her writer dreams.